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An Alkaline Body vs An Acidic Body – What’s Best For Your Health?


A healthy person will have slightly alkaline blood which, when measured by pH test*, is between 7.35 and 7.45.  If the reading is less than 7.35 this is considered too acidic and injurious to health.  So, what are the effects of alkaline and acidity in the body?

An acidic body is known to support and be a major cause of illness and disease.  Put another way, an acidic body finds it difficult to do what it is supposed to do, which is to heal itself.  So why would so many people, through their diet and lifestyle choices, deliberately create acidity in their bodies and therefore suffer so much?  At Atmanjai we believe it is because they know different.  Europeans believed that the world was flat and lived accordingly until somebody took action and sailed around it.   At Atmanjai our goal is to raise the consciousness on this matter for our all our guests so that they can take simple actions to improve their health and happiness.

Chronic acidity affects every cell in our body.  It provides an environment that supports unhealthy microorganisms, including cancer cells and tumors.  It eats away at our body tissue, and, left unchecked will interrupt all cellular activities and functions. This self created health disaster is an attack on life itself.  Our life.  Over acidity is now considered to be at the root of cancer and other serious life threatening and all too common, diseases.

At Atmanjai we approach this problem through cleansing and alkalising the large intestine, also known as the colon or bowel.  Thousands of our clients have found this simple process to be pro life, pro wellness, pro happiness and anti disease and suffering.  Our clients take what they learn here at Atmanjai back to their daily life, and making new health and lifestyle choices they learned with us,  they can dramatically improve their well being, health and happiness.

All cells and all organs are dependent upon a well-functioning digestive system. When digestion is impaired, even good food can become toxic. Continuation of this problem can cause our bodies to weaken and become more prone to deficiencies, congestion.

When acidity is in the human body, viruses, bacteria and parasites can thrive and flourish.  Any one experiencing symptoms such as heartburn, weakness, chest pains, arthritis, gout, inflammation, bloating,  should consider that their system is too acidic and take immediate steps to remedy the problem.  An ‘Ultra Cleanse’ or ‘Eat Well Cleanse’ at Atmanjai is a very fast, proven and effective way to re-alkalise and remove toxins and parasites.

An alkaline body also slows down the aging process. Aging is caused by deposits of acids at various points in the body. If we can get rid of wastes and toxins in the body, we can slow down the aging process. Only an alkaline body will be able to flush all the toxins and waste out of the body, thus slowing down the aging process and making you feel more energetic.

Excess acidity depletes the alkaline reserves, which weakens the immune system. One of the best ways to fight acidity is to reduce or eliminate the consumption acidity promoting foods such as, sugar, coffee, artificial sweeteners, soft drinks and animal products.

  • A PH Test measures the acidity/alkalinity of bodily fluids in tissue, urine, blood and saliva. Tests can determine the acidity/alkalinity of bodily areas such as the esophagus, stomach, colon etc.


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