What You Need to Know About Iridology

Dr. Bernard Jensen is the creator of the original Ultimate Cleansing method. At Atmanjai, we follow Dr. Jensen’s approach to regenerative detoxification and call his method a new name: The Ultra Cleanse. But today we’d like to tell you that Dr. Jensen pioneered iridology in the United States—and you need to know more about this—since when used correctly, iridology gives you individual information concerning your health level that is not available in any other way. An iridologist’s services are an important element in any total, holistic health care program. Continue reading

What’s Going on with Your Gut Bacteria?

To absorb water and dispose of waste—those are the main functions of the large intestine; we all have known this from our school biology. Lately, we are also beginning to understand that within the large intestine exists a complex system of bacteria where, if we play are cards right, some “good” bacteria are doing good work, or some “bad” bacteria are doing damage.
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