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How Sugar is Poisoning You

How Sugar is Poisoning You - Atmanjai Detox, Yoga, Fitness & Wellness

We all know that too much sugar is harmful for the body, but are we taking action to reduce our sugar intake? Those white granules may look harmless but with today’s Western lifestyle, they are literally in almost everything we eat, causing us to become addicted without us even knowing. They contain absolutely no nutrients whatsoever, yet they have become a staple part of our western diet!

We know sugar is in chocolate, cookies and artificial drinks, but it’s important to be aware of those hidden sugars too. Pretty much anything processed or even shop bought has the potential to contain sugar, from bread, to cereal, yogurt and pasta sauce. The supermarket industry scared us away from all fatty foods, introducing zero % fat products, but instead compensated with an overdose of sugar.

In basic terms, consuming too much sugar causes a strain on the liver. The liver then is no longer able to metabolise the sugar and convert it into energy. Thus leading to a clogged fatty liver. Poor liver function then has a negative effect on our whole wellbeing, from hormone health to weight control.

Insulin is a hormone that allows us to use the sugar we eat and convert it into energy. Insulin is a vital hormone in the body. It allows glucose to enter our cells from the bloodstream and tells the cells to burn glucose instead of fat. However too much glucose in the blood can become harmful, leading to things like insulin resistance, diabetes and even cancer.

Taking steps to combat our sugar intake will have a big impact on our future health. There are simple sugar swaps we can do to make our lives a whole lot healthier. For example, try replacing your sugar laden breakfast cereal for a more sustainable breakfast like eggs or oatmeal. Swap those canned energy drinks for something more natural like coconut water. And when the afternoon cravings kick in, try reaching for a couple of fibrous dates rather than that bar of chocolate. These are just some of the simple steps we can take to cut sugar for good.

It’s also important however not to go overboard on the natural sugars. Although making healthy sugar swaps is the first step to kicking out the sugar, things like honey, maple syrup and dried fruit are also very high in natural sugars. It’s best to adopt a moderate approach, to help you lead a more sustainable and balanced lifestyle.

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