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How to Live a Toxin Free Life

How to Live a Toxin Free Life - Atmanjai

We take detoxing very seriously here at Atmanjai. Although we have an ultra-cleanse programme which involves a full fast, we don’t recommend doing this without the right supplements and support to make sure you’re getting the most from your detox.

Detoxing isn’t simply just a matter of starving yourself from food and hoping that the weight will drop off. It goes much deeper that that. It’s about removing toxins and free radicals from your body, healing your body, and then nourishing yourself with the right supplements to prevent toxic build up in the future.

Here are some of our favourite protocols to ensure you’re detoxing the right way:

1. Psyllium Husk Shake and Bentonite Clay – Psyllium husk is naturally high in fibre. It absorbs liquid in the intestines and helps relieve any constipation. Bentonite clay helps to remove toxic materials in the gut by latching onto them and removing them in your stool. This can be extremely cleansing for the liver, colon and helps balance the good bacteria in your gut too. These powders are mixed up with water and apple cider vinegar every day to help keep your gut working efficiently.

2. Wheatgrass – We grow our own organic wheatgrass here on site to ensure that you are getting the highest grade possible. Wheatgrass is very powerful for alkalizing the blood, aiding weight loss and is a natural anti-inflammatory too. Just one shot every morning can be all you need to reap the benefits.

3. Far Infra-Red Sauna and Ozone – The combination of the far infra-red and ozone sauna has been proven to relieve pain, remove a build up of toxins in the body such as parasites and bad bacteria. This protocol also helps with lymphatic draining and reduces inflammation too.

4. Thai Herbal Steam – Our in house steam room is filled with incredible fresh Thai essential oils to help you sweat out any remaining toxins in the body, aids your breathing, open your pores and clears your airways.

5. Daily Massage – We don’t just see massage as a luxury. For us it is an essential component for detoxing efficiently. Massage helps with tension, improves your flexibility, relaxes the muscles and relieves lactic up build up. Whether it’s a Thai massage, oil based or a reflexology massage, all do the job in getting your organs to work effectively.

Take care of your wellness – So you won’t have to deal with sickness.

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