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Isn’t it the time for a cleanse

Isn’t it the time for a cleanse? - Atmanjai Detox, Yoga, Fitness & Wellness

When the winter comes, we think of a lethargic time of the year when we feel the lack of sunshine and eat hearty, hopefully not too heavy, foods. But winter can also be the right time for a good rest, time to reflect, time to do something healthy that would boost your immune system.

Let’s get you in the mood for a cleanse. We would like to remind you that a regular detox is right up there with all the good habits which you’d like to enable for the new year.

Nowadays, not only are we exposed to more stress than we can perhaps handle, but also to more chemicals than ever before. The chemicals are in the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the cosmetics and fabric softeners that touch are skin. The exposure to the chemical invasion messes with our body’s drive to repair itself, that’s for sure. Look at all the digestive issues, skin problems, chronic fatigue, constipation, puffiness in the face, blurry eyes.  Many of those symptoms perhaps point back at the body’s diminished ability of cleansing its tissues and organs effectively.

Are your systems overwhelmed? Yes, we have seen the increase in damaging chemicals mentioned, but also the sad diet has become scarce in vital nutrients. This also contributes to your physiological detoxification system becoming underactive. It is sluggish; as if it’s still there, doing the work that allows you to function but if it was working properly, we wouldn’t be subject to the all-too-common-today headaches, allergies, bowel issues like bloating or spasms, difficulties losing recently accumulated weight, anxiety and then depression. Well, okay, on the bright side, many of these problems can be solved—I mean completely cleared(!)—when we do the cleanse program, we bring back the attention to our internal functions, clear obstructions, give our body the tools it needs, and elevate our consciousness, too.

Cleansing at least once a year is one of the good habits that reboot our bodies’ natural detoxing ability. When you leave home to go for a cleanse at Atmanjai, you give your body a chance to “clean house” and restore the flow of vitality. You will then be able to get back on track and start eating clean whole foods again.

Do a 7-Day cleanse with us at Atmanjai. There is nothing better than a prepared-for-you, structured program—you will get the clarity, reset, and healthy glow you want—and if you book right now, you may receive a discounted rate!

Written by Tomasz Goetel

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