Love the Skin You’re In! by Sharon Cassius

In this article, I offer you a few simple, cheap and natural alternatives which one can easily implement on a daily and weekly basis that will help our body to eliminate the toxins, tone and even the skin, keeping it looking fresh, clear and bright.


Besides being one of our main organs of detoxification the skin is also our biggest organ. Often the skin will show the first signs of degeneration or imbalances and is the last to heal. Our skin is a vital, living, breathing organ and so we need to take care what we put on to it.


Skin brushing is not new, exfoliation is not something you have never heard of, but how many of us are doing it? Daily skin brushing can remove dead skin cells keeping it soft supple and youthful, improve circulation and help to shift cellulite, it cleanses the pores and stimulates the oil production and assists in the removal of toxins.


Skin brushing is done using a big natural bristle brush found in most pharmacies or toiletry sections – looking rather like a big clothes brush with a long handle.


Often the brush will feel quite harsh at the beginning, if it is too hard then dip the bristles in a bowl of warm water and a hand wash powder for wool clothing.  Rinse and let dry, the bristles will be much softer.


Try to establish a routine whereby you do this before your bath or shower in the morning.  Starting at the base of your foot, brush in brisk, circular movements working slowly up the leg.  Do the same with the other one.  Then start at the hand and begin working up the arms, all the time working in circular movements towards the centre. Next, work on your back and finally from your shoulders down to your stomach.  Brushing the whole body should take around 3-5 minutes.


After showering or bathing finish with a minute of alternating between hot and cold water, this helps the circulation and will boost your energy!


Try to leave the skin free to breathe and within a few weeks you will notice a big improvement in the quality and texture.


A wonderful way to treat your skin and have the benefits of relaxation and detoxifying all in one is to choose some relaxing music to play, mix aromatherapy oils together, such as lavender and chamomile and put them in a burner to infuse the bathroom and then run a hot bath.  After thoroughly skin brushing your body, mix together in a cup equal measures of olive oil and castor oil.


Massage these oils into your skin covering the whole body, including your head and feet.  VERY CAREFULLY, step into the bath, lie back, relax and practise deep breathing for 15 minutes. Don’t wash yourself but get out and wrap up warm, play a meditation CD and lie down under a blanket (Jump into bed if you have the chance)  Relax and keep as warm as you can for an hour – you will probably sweat quite a bit so make sure you put some towels down.


After an hour take a hot shower and wash off all the oils, take it easy for the rest of the evening and go to bed early that night – A truly wonderful way to spend a chilly evening or a drizzly Sunday afternoon, a time to give back to your body and allow it the chance to rest and repair.


Another great alternative if you are feeling run down, tired or have just had a long trip is to use epsom salts and sea salt in a hot bath, a good few handfuls of each, relax and soak in for 15 minutes, shower off to finish, your skin will feel great and you will feel totally revitalized.


Everything we put on our skin is absorbed….


The average female uses around 15 different products per day on her skin!  It’s a sad fact that almost all commercial brands contain at least a handful of chemical ingredients that are harmful and toxic to our bodies.  Many of those are known carcinogens especially when combined together with other chemicals, creating a chemical cocktail.  Other known problems linked to these chemicals are asthma, skin irritations, impaired fertility, depression, mental retardation, neurological damage, some can cause liver, kidney and lung damage, birth defects, headaches, nausea and the list goes on.


These chemicals and many more are being absorbed into our body every day!  After being absorbed they go into the circulation and lymphatic system, where it is then the job of the liver or kidneys to try and undo any adverse effects.


Probably one of the most widely used ingredient is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulfate, it is found in 90% of all commercial shampoos, shower gels and toothpastes.  Besides enhancing an allergic response to other toxic chemicals it damages the skin barrier and alters skin cells, if that’s not enough, it is even suggested it can affect infant eye development

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Sharon Cassius

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