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Covid-19 Pandemic

Health Perspective of Covid-19: Nothing has changed!

Dear Atmanjai Friends:

We Hope you are all well and in good spirits. Over the past few months life as we knew it has been turned upside down with businesses closed, millions out of work, freedoms suppressed and a swift and unprecedented shift in the way we live and view our life.  Since we all have been bombarded with endless information from many directions during this extraordinary period, we felt it would be good to focus on what is really important — your health.

If you are reading this message you have been to Atmanjai at some time and have placed emphasis on improving your health. Congratulations!

You know Atmanjai is a promoter of natural health and, as we all possess one of the most profound and intricate systems in the Universe, we are thrilled to have been a part of helping you to reset your life. Too many people forget that we are part of nature and our health is dependent on nature and the natural ability of our body to resist disease.

From all the hype of the last few months one thing is very clear: a strong and healthy immune system is able to overcome the Covid-19 Virus and in many cases, people are unaware that they have been exposed.  Only people who fall and suffer and/or die have a compromised immune system! Would you agree with this statement?

Well here is the big news – there is no new news, nothing has changed. Nature would not allow one its own to give into to illness or death while living within the natural laws of its own creation. This was true prior to the corona virus and it was same during the outbreak and it is still the same.  NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

And this applies for any other disease regardless how long they have existed.

  • Strong immune system = less venerability to disease.
  • Weak immune system = breeding ground for disease.

Anyone who has been to Atmanjai knows how strongly we believe and promote this simple idea – we are governed by the Laws of Nature; we can’t change or avoid it. It is the honest truth.

So if nature is still the same let’s explore for a moment what has occurred in order to bring humanity to such a state of chaos. Basically, the only thing that has altered is our perception.  And our perception is based on fear.  Our governments and media planted fear in us and it is a great motivator: fear of being exposed to the virus and getting it and fear of suffering and dying from it.

It is strange that people believe they can hide from viruses while inside us and around us there are trillions of them.  And as anyone familiar with the immune system will attest and acknowledge, fear and stress are immense influencers and are effectively dampening this natural system.

Let’s take a step back for a moment to explore the time prior to the so called pandemic. From the Atmanjai perspective most of humanity was already in a state of a compromised Immune system and so were susceptible to illness.  Let’s look at how this occurred.

Consumption of processed food – which is not real food as and lacks natural nutrients.

Lack of consumption of fresh live foods THAT HAS ALL NUTRIANTS WE NEED.

Polluted air.

Lack of consumption of clean water.

Lack of sleep and relaxation due to stress.

We are assaulted and bombarded by a massive amount of toxins daily: herbicides, insecticides, heavy metals like aluminum, lead, and mercury to name a few.

What would you do if you were an immune system living in a body?  Obviously you would fight for survival. But if you were overwhelmed by toxins and poisons you would unwillingly and inadvertently succumb to dying.

Toxins create inflammation in all the organs in the body including our digestive system and. our central nervous system resulting is a weakened immune system.

Clean live nutritional foods are essential to having a strong immune system.

As we all know a high percentage of the worlds developed countries entered the corona stage with an already compromised immune system.  Now add to that fear and stress bring discharged upon us and heck, no wonder we are sick puppies.

Covid-19 did not appreciably add to the number of deaths in the world yet that is what everyone is talking about.  Other causes of death have basically remained the same year in and year out including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, emphysemas, strokes, blood pressure diseases, tuberculosis, HIV/aids, Alzheimer/dementia, etc. These diseases were the leading causes of death in the last few years and remain as normal statistics.  What happened to all these causes of death? All we hear about is corona, corona, corona.  Did these other diseases disappear?

No. All those diseases are still with us. It’s only that our attention that has been shifted to this one virus. What matters is that we focus on reality and take control of our health. We do that by relieving our self of fear and stress, eating nutritious foods, being active, drinking plenty of clean water a day, getting good hours of sleep a night, relaxing and experiencing inner peace and trusting your immune system to do the rest for you. After all, what can you do in life when your health is compromised?

Don’t turn your back on nature. Your back, front and inner are all a part of the whole.

Be well –

Izzy and Atmanjai team.

Take care of your wellness – So you won’t have to deal with sickness.

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