To absorb water and dispose of waste—those are the main functions of the large intestine; we all have known this from our school biology. Lately, we are also beginning to understand that within the large intestine exists a complex system of bacteria where, if we play are cards right, some “good” bacteria are doing good … Continue reading What’s Going on with Your Gut Bacteria?

We take detoxing very seriously here at Atmanjai. Although we have an ultra-cleanse programme which involves a full fast, we don’t recommend doing this without the right supplements and support to make sure you’re getting the most from your detox.

At a dinner, sit next to a detox consultant and sooner or later they’ll start talking about the Colon. The topic may also turn to gut bacteria, chronic constipation, or bloating and stinky gas—and so, many dinners have been ruined by talkative detox consultants.

But how do you get enough protein on a vegan diet? This is probably the most common question we get asked here Atmanjai. This question is not new, it’s a question most meat eaters love to ask, so we’re here to clear things up. We’re moved on from the classic stereotype of vegan hippies, and … Continue reading The Vegan Protein Debate

Whether you’re on the Eat Well or the Ultra Cleanse programme, coming to Atmanjai will gear you up with everything you need for your detox. From a sunrise to sunset timetable scheduled for you, and meals or supplements made and waiting for you, you really don’t have to think! We make it that easy, so … Continue reading How To Make the Most Out of Your Detox