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But how do you get enough protein on a vegan diet? This is probably the most common question we get asked here Atmanjai. This question is not new, it’s a question most meat eaters love to ask, so we’re here to clear things up. We’re moved on from the classic stereotype of vegan hippies, and … Continue reading The Vegan Protein Debate

Whether you’re on the Eat Well or the Ultra Cleanse programme, coming to Atmanjai will gear you up with everything you need for your detox. From a sunrise to sunset timetable scheduled for you, and meals or supplements made and waiting for you, you really don’t have to think! We make it that easy, so … Continue reading How To Make the Most Out of Your Detox

4 Apr

In case you have never stepped foot on a yoga mat before, we’d like to tell you that you can join Atmanjai’s yoga classes with confidence.

We all know that too much sugar is harmful for the body, but are we taking action to reduce our sugar intake? Those white granules may look harmless but with today’s Western lifestyle, they are literally in almost everything we eat, causing us to become addicted without us even knowing. They contain absolutely no nutrients … Continue reading How Sugar is Poisoning You

I have never tried yoga. I have never even come close to the idea of trying a detox week. However – wellness is more and more important for us the older we get and that we need to take good care of ourselves in order to stay as healthy as possible for all the remaining … Continue reading Atmanjai Detox Yoga Wellness retreat in Phuket