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Presley's experience working at Atmanjai Wellness Spa in Phuket - Atmanjai Detox, Yoga, Fitness & Wellness

As I dove deeper into the wellness world, my whole being began to change, synthesize, come together and form a whole new understanding. Atmanjai was a major piece in the puzzle of life. Words are definitive and hold vastly different meanings from one person to another. Atmanjai, to me, symbolizes new beginnings, a chance to fully step into and embrace all that I am becoming.

The act of combining mind, body and soul is an everyday practice that involves consistency, patience and the act of self love. Whilst working at Atmanjai, I was taught all of the essentials to expand beyond what I thought was even possible. Looking past the sea view, greenery and space for reflection; I was scheduled for meetings where I could help others recognize their limitless potential and see themselves how I saw them…BOUNDLESS! An everyday interaction with countless individuals who not only learnt from me but I too, learnt from them. Sharing and holding space, showing compassion, understanding and unconditional love. The foundation of what I believe is essential for creating everlasting relationships for people to feel comfortable, grow and expand.

It was a blessing to see clients transform on many different levels as they learnt more about themselves and decided to take major steps into changing their lifestyle. My main goal for everyone was to take back their power and step into their truth. Knowing that their life was in fact their own responsibility.

Atmanjai has not only assisted me in my transformation, it has helped 100’s of people as well. Changing and shaping wellness so the clients can pass on the knowledge they received and empower those around them to make healthier choices and simply be the change.

All in all, I see it only fit to thank all the clients whom I was able to sit, smile and share space with. Thank you to the incredible staff and the team in general. My time with you has truly been incredible, it was an honour being a part of your team and I will forever cherish the moments and memories shared. 

Sending so much loving kindness,

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