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Problems arising from Modern Living by Atmanjai Welness Spa Phuket

Let’s observe and analyse the many people who have been coming to Atmanjai over the last several years. If we observe carefully, we may see a pattern that applies in a similar way to many: a pattern of suffering. Most common are the complaints of lack of energy, feeling sluggish and stressed—this results in low energy and low moods as a main theme in life.

When we ask people to point out what the purpose of their visit to Atmanjai is, the answer is similar for most: to reboot. To recharge. To restart. To refresh and kick start a healthy lifestyle. Sounds familiar?

The question arises: in life, do we treat our bodies the same way as we treat machinery that serve us, for example cars?
In order to simplify and get through to the people hearts, we like to divide the cause of all the uncomfortable feelings into two parts.

Part One: The Physical

This is simple: people are consuming the wrong foods (processed foods and refined sugars). Those put a big strain on our filtration systems. Whenever the load on the filtration system is too big or remains a burden over a long period of time, those systems become slow and dysfunctional.

Circulatory, adrenal, lymphatic—all are being affected by this flow of materials that our body cannot deal with properly (refined sugars, refined foods, complex carbohydrates, additives, and preservatives).

We don’t notice the problem, because we are living without awareness; just like everyone around us, we are leading the modern lifestyle somewhat like a robot. We stuff our bodies to a degree that it is difficult to function optimally. We begin to fail in fulfilling the tasks we have to do in day–to–day living.

In addition to the above intake of inflammatory foods, the lack of proper nutrients coming “live” from nature, containing vitamins, minerals, and enzymes (as found in fresh fruits and vegetables), as well as lacking sufficient amounts of water—we are on our way to malnutrition, inflammation, and congestion.

Part Two: Emotional/spiritual

We are living in the age of an anxiety epidemic. The roots of this are deep in our our education system and the way our culture taught us, the way our culture condition our way of thinking. Generally speaking, when things do not go 100% as we’d like them to go, we fight, rather than accept whatever comes our way.

We have high expectations (financial, and many other). We are bound to experience many disappointments. The stress effect blocks our ability to let go of previous ideas that did not work.

For both of the problems of the physical and the spiritual domain, if we are to try and move ourselves to a better place, we must be prepared to start by working on our awareness and change how we live.

That is why you’d do well coming to us at Atmanjai. Learn how to live your life in greater well–being. Every part of our life is experienced through the physical body; when the body feels good, everything in life looks better.

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