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Get in shape for Bikini Season at Atmanjai by Ms. Irina Kalonatchi


The focus of the Atmanjai Wellness Spa is mostly towards people’s health and well being. However, the blog article below shows another refreshing perspective to health and well being, written by Ms. Irina Kalonatchi.

The Benefits of the Atmanjai wellness programs can be seen and felt in the skin, hair, eyes and moods. The name Atmanjai means ‘lifting spirit’…so does this article:

Article: http://www.fashionblog.fr/2015/09/06/get-in-shape-for-bikini-season-fast/

What Is Atmanjai? A Detox, Wellness & Yoga Center designed to enhance our natural well being


Located on the island of Phuket, Thailand – our programs are designed for those who are ready to change their present lifestyle and embark on a new beginning of healthy living.

Founded by Mr. Starr Farish six years ago, and based on world renowned program developed by Dr. Bernard Jensen, it is a total program to cleanse the body, increase consciousness and awareness and integrate these changes into our personal live. The results are a slimmed body, radiant skin and a mind that is active and alert.

The fast pace of life in the modern world is pushing mankind to the edge both physically and mentally. These factors cannot be separated for if one is weak it will influence the other.

Stressed people pay little attention to eating habits. It is the tendency to eat whatever that comes their way and is comfortable for them regardless of the effect those foods have on their totality. While we may know better, the inclination is to take care of ourselves tomorrow, perhaps, with little regard to today. This frantic lifestyle and being immersed in stressful situations is reflected in the most all our actions including harmful foodstuffs we consume: fried foods, white flower, sugars, and other foods that are considered of an acidic nature, etc.

Processed foods are a root problem in the world today providing few nutrients, creating bulk, and generating an unhealthy body. The digestive system becomes overworked and unable to effectively process the intake leading to an overburden of toxins in the body.

Acidic body = unhealthy body
Alkaline body = healthy body

The more acidic we are the more sicknesses we invite. The more alkaline we are the more we eliminate the chance of becoming ill.

It is quite amazing that we human beings treat our car with care, good gasoline and periodic checks and oil change. Yet we treat the body in an unhealthy manner without consideration of the type of ‘gasoline’ we consume and rarely perform periodic maintenance. We become sluggish, overweight and unhappy.

What is wrong with us! Isn’t taking care of the physical vehicle of primary importance?

At Atmanjai our programs are designed to provide the essentials of ‘refined gasoline’ and periodic maintenance treatments that will clean your body and heal many abnormalities within 7 days. Why? Because our proven program rids the body of toxins, bulk and debris in this very short time. The result leaves you feeling energized and healthy, more mentally alert and relaxed. It is a life changing experience. After seven days, our clients report having a more positive outlook on life to say nothing of their physical well being and a peaceful inward feeling.

When you treat your body with care and respect it will feel good, it will prosper. Load the body with cheap processed gasoline – it ceases to function optimally.

Be well.

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