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What is Detox and why should i do it?

Fasting is the quickest method of bringing about elimination in the human body and the fastest way of getting toxic materials out of the body. This is in large part due to allowing the body a complete rest, so that it can stop processing new intakes of food, and concentrate on cleaning up what is already in the system.

As the body rests, it develops tone and vitality, more than is possible by any other procedure. Rest is in fact a cure because it gives us the vitality needed to throw off toxic material and to eliminate debris accumulated in the body over years. There are many ways to Fast, from a simple water fast, to juice fasts, grape fasts, and any number of new and trendy fasts. Our programmes are not Fasts in the true sense of the word, they are Tissue Cleansing Programs.

Here you can read about the benefits of fasting and detox, based on the personal observation of thousands of clients detoxification and healing experiences during fasting and cleansing programs since 2003:
What are the Benefits of Fasting & Detox?
1. Lose Weight
2. Regulate high blood pressure
3. Decrease addictive tendencies (smoking, drinking, over-eating)
4. Dramatically improved skin condition
5. Reduce symptoms of diabetes
6. Increased energy and vitality
7. Release of emotional tension and stress
8. Look and feel younger
9. Minimize allergies
10. Restore normal body function
How does detox work?
Benefits of the Colema
Benefits of the Colema

Colemas are highly beneficial in most cases to restore healthy bowel regularity. Even when not undertaking a Cleansing Program, a colema, or an enema will generally lead to a significant improvement for those who have problems with a sluggish, irregular, or under-active bowel. Many ingredients can be added to the colema-water for targeted effectiveness in some specific manner. Coffee colemas assist to detoxify the liver, Flaxseed tea colemas relieve inflammation in the bowel, processed bentonite clay water when added to the colema assists in absorbing and mobilizing toxins from the bowel wall. Acidophilous culture taken orally helps in detoxifying the bowel and in building a healthy colony of friendly bacteria in the bowel.

We believe that each of the many health professions and approaches to health care have value. However we do not believe that any therapeutic method – regardless of its sophistication – can effectively overcome disease in a toxin-laden body.

The toxins must be eliminated first.

Nor do we believe that any drug-based therapy can restore or rejuvenate tissue damaged in the course of chronic disease. Only nutrients from the body can do this. When we work with nature, we get the results nature intends for us to receive. A cleansed body, nourished by natural foods and uplifting thoughts will put anyone on the path that generates health as natural consequence.

An observation on colonic machines
An observation on colonic machines

Newly popularized to the extent that many towns and cities now offer Colonic Studios, these treatments vary greatly in their effects due in large part to the expertise of the technician. We feel that in some respects colonic hydrotherapy is taking advantage of people by making them believe that long and costly treatments are necessary.

Those practitioners who administer colonic hydrotherapy properly offer a useful service. Many professionals giving colonics today are getting successful but temporary results. The reason is that just ridding toxic waste from the bowel is not sufficient, although it is the first step along the correct path. Unless proper diet, regular exercise, and a reduction in stress accompany the process; positive lasting results will not be achieved.

It is essential to be committed to making bowel tissue changes through correct nutrition and supplementation to ensure that you are not digging out holes only to fill them up again.

The anatomy and physiology of the bowel
The anatomy and physiology of the bowel

A successful Cleansing Program is not dependent on you being a bowel expert! However it is helpful to understand the basics of bowel anatomy and physiology to better understand the message we are sharing about effective cleansing and good management of your body.

Your bowel responds ideally to certain conditions. Your awareness of these conditions and efforts to maintain them will result in rewards of health, vitality, and longevity that are more than worth the effort.

The small intestine
The small intestine

When food has passed through the stomach via the mouth and esophagus, it enters the small intestine. By the time it reaches the small intestine, food from the mouth has been reduced by chewing and by the stomach digestive juices into a liquid called “Chyme”. When chyme has been thoroughly mixed and broken down by the stomach, the pyloric sphincter muscle valve opens and allows the food to enter the uppermost portion of the small intestine, the duodenum. In this long coiled tube called the small intestine is where about 90% of the absorption of food constituents into the blood occurs.

Digestion of carbohydrates starts in the mouth with saliva. Further digestion takes place in the stomach. Proteins are broken down into short chains of amino acids in the stomach, and more reduction takes place in the small intestine until the molecules can be properly absorbed.

Muscles in the small intestine segment the chyme as it passes. A wave of contraction known as peristalsis propels the chyme through the jejunum, (middle portion of the small intestine), and the ileum, (the third and final portion). Normal muscular activity of the intestine is not usually felt, although toxin producing bacteria may cause violent and painful spasms to be felt. Diarrhea and vomiting are both reactions to irritations of the stomach and bowel. The small intestine averages 6.5m in length and is about 4cm wide throughout this distance. The ileum terminates at the base of the large intestine in the right lower section of the abdomen.

Digestive juices
Digestive juices

Chyme entering the duodenum from the stomach is highly acidic. The small intestine secretions contain bicarbonate, an alkaline substance to neutralize the acid. These secretions combine with bile from the gall bladder and pancreatic juices. Bile salts produced in the liver and stored in the gall bladder act like a detergent to emulsify fatty acids and glycerides, making very small particles to be absorbed into the walls of the intestine. By way of hormonal secretions, the small intestine is able to control the digestive processes.

The large intestine or colon
The large intestine or colon

Within 8 – 10 hours of eating the food has passed through the small intestine and is mostly digested. It then enters the large bowel for the final digestive processes and elimination.

The colon is divided into the following sections: the cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid and rectum. Altogether it is approximately 1.5m long and 7cm in diameter.

The cecum is a blind pouch whose open end joins the ascending colon as it climbs toward the first bend called the hepatic flexure. Here at the cecum is found the ileo-cecal valve, a sphincter muscle which controls the flow of food materials from the small intestines into the large intestine.

Situated at the extreme end of the cecum is the worm-like sac called the appendix. It is about 7.5cm long.

The colon like the small bowel has a mucous lining or membrane which is smooth and void of villi, (small finger-like structures that line the wall of the intestines). Surrounding this mucous layer is a muscular coat consisting of circular internal muscles and longitudinal external muscles as found in the small bowel. The colon is shaped into bulbous pouches called haustras. These haustras are made up of muscles which contract to gather the colon up into a puckered appearance and which allow considerable expansion.

The colon terminates in the rectum and anus, the exterior opening. The anus is held closed by the anal sphincter muscle.

The mucous membrane inside the rectum is striated in length-wise segments giving it a fluted appearance. Generally the nerve supply to the colon is sparse and therefore sensory impulses are very weak. Colonic muscular activity is largely unfelt as a result. An exception is found in the rectum where nerve endowment is greater and thus there is the pain associated with hemorrhoids or other rectal disturbances.

How the large intestine functions
How the large intestine functions

Chyme passes through the ileo-cecal valve from the small intestine to the cecum. At this stage the chyme consists of undigested or undigestable food substances, secretions from the pancreas, liver, small bowel, and water. In the cecum the water is mostly removed, reducing the chyme to a semi-solid consistency which is now called faeces.

To provide lubrication for the passage of the faeces, numerous cells line the walls of the bowel and secrete a mucus substance.

As a result of haustral churning, a constant sloshing effect finishes the digestive process of the chyme. Under mass peristalsis the faeces are pushed toward the rectum and anus where they are eventually eliminated from the body. This movement is caused by the presence of food in the stomach. This activity empties the cecum and makes it ready to receive new chyme from the small intestine.

Bacterial action in the bowel
Bacterial action in the bowel

When the bowel is healthy there is very little bacterial action in the small intestine. The large intestine however, literally swarms with billions of these microscopic organisms.

Bacterial action in the large intestine plays a major role in nutrition and digestion. These friendly bacteria synthesize valuable nutrients by digesting portions of the fecal mass. Among others, Vitamin K and portions of the Vitamin B complex are produced. This aspect of digestion is not completely understood and is undergoing further study.

Any remaining proteins are broken down by the bacteria into simpler substances. Byproducts of bacterial activity are numerous; indole, skatole, hydrogen sulfide, fatty acids, methane gas and carbon dioxide. Some of these substances are very toxic and odorous, hence the accompanying smell of faeces.

The brown colour of faeces is a result of the bile pigments from the liver. When faeces are not brown, but have a chalky appearance, there is a problem in bile secretion and digestive ability.

The time it takes for chyme at the cecum to turn into faeces and travel to the rectum depends upon the amount of roughage and the amount of water content in the diet. Bulkier faeces travel faster as they provide substance for the bowel muscle to work upon. Otherwise a soft fibreless stool becomes very difficult for the colon to move along. The longer it takes, the more water is absorbed, making faeces compacted and hard so that it becomes difficult to eliminate them.

Neglecting the urge to eliminate, as well as eating foods low in roughage will lead to constipation. Laxatives taken as an aid in elimination either act to increase the amount of water retained in the faeces, or act as a lubricant to allow for easy passage.

Often laxatives are compounded to be an irritant or poison and stimulate the muscle walls to cause abnormal contractions to expel the irritating substances. It is very easy to become dependent on these drugs and thereby permanently destroy normal bowel function.

The expulsion of liquid faeces or diarrhea can be a result of excessive use of laxatives, nervous stress, infection, or the presence of toxic substances in the bowel.

Proper bowel management enhances the natural flow and rhythm of the digestive organs providing regular, comfortable, and efficient functioning as described here.

What goes in doesn't always come out!
What goes in doesn't always come out!

When a poor diet, inadequate water and/or lack of exercise are components of your lifestyle, your bowel will be holding onto waste materials longer than you realize. When we clean out the bowel and release all this old, rotting material, there will be a lessening of the gas, pain and autointoxication taking place. This toxic material decaying in the colon is a prime place for degenerative diseases to get started.

Starches that haven’t been digested properly by the pancreatic secretions are not readily taken up by the body and made into good tissue. These in turn can come back to the colon and keep the body from having the proper colonic tone because of a lack of proper chemical development. In addition, drugs can settle in the tissues of the body and it is the colon that catches a good deal of these. By way of the mucus membrane, the colon is used as an eliminative channel. When the membrane does not function properly, these drug deposits accumulate in the bowel indefinitely and can produce a time-bomb effect; irritations, inflammations and ulcerations.

Again, we emphasise that correct food intake is very, very important because this is the one thing that brings back a chemical reserve and gives the power and chemical structure to have good healthy tissue.

We can recommend to you a post-programme diet that is well-proven. It provides bulk, fiber, and it takes care of the natural mucus membrane through proper chemical replacements. This programme coupled with an exercise routine will produce very good results for those afflicted with bowel disturbances.

Functioning of the bowel
Functioning of the bowel

When we eat, there is a resultant peristaltic action in the bowel which moves the food down to the last part of our elimination system, the large colon. When we have 3 meals a day, and a bowel movement once in 5 days, then we are 15 meals behind in the elimination stakes. Normally it takes eighteen hours for food to go through the body and be eliminated. What is required to move it along on time?

Good bowel tone gives the power to the intestinal tract to move waste materials properly through the system. If we don’t have good bowel tone, we need to use an inciting measure, and one way of doing this is laxatives. The overwhelming majority of laxatives are irritating to the bowel, and this is what forces the peristaltic action. Wouldn’t it be better to have a bowel that could move along because you have the right power and bowel tone? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bowel wall that has all the potassium and all the right naturally occurring chemical elements to work normally?

There are other factors involved as well, such as the liver activity. We need to have enough bile coming from the gall bladder and the liver to give the bowel its natural incentive to produce bowel movements. The bowel is dependent upon other organs too, including the thyroid gland which is important to the body’s metabolism. The thyroid regulates a number of organ functions and keeps them functioning normally by releasing thyroxin into the body. The adrenal glands may be under-active. A person can feel so tired that they won’t exercise. You have to feel lively to move and get going.

An under-active thyroid can bring on low blood pressure and anemia can keep us from a healthy level of physical activity. If the blood is anemic, the body tissue is anemic and cannot do its job. We are tired “all over” so to speak.

Clean tissues function better
Clean tissues function better

There are many therapeutic approaches to restoring or maintaining health. However, the presence of toxic settlements in the body prevents any of these treatments from being completely successful. If a treatment does not work towards complete detoxification, the rejuvenation of new tissue will not succeed. The complete rejuvenation process involves the replacement of old under-active tissue with new, clean, efficiently working tissue. This is what brings a degenerative condition to a state of recession and remission.
The natural immune system can only be built up in a clean body, a body with the minimum of accumulated toxic material. The presence of significant quantities of toxic material in body tissue means that the body’s natural defenses have been overcome. When health is restored through a tissue cleansing programme, the immune system will also be restored as you return to a healthy diet, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, and a positive outlook on life.

Most people believe that tissue rebuilding depends on a nutritious diet, and this is basically correct. But it is also dependent on good nerve force, good circulation and adequate rest.

We have observed almost unbelievable results of what can be accomplished by tissue detoxification. In a period of 7 days of fasting, taking nutritional supplements and bowel cleansing, miraculous outcomes are frequently achieved.

In order to reverse the process of a disease or un-wellness, it is necessary to reflect on Hering’s Law of Cure. This states that; all diseases are cured from within out, from the head down, and in reverse order as their symptoms first appeared in the body. This means that we have to return over the same “track” we traveled to get the disease.

No disease can exist without toxic material in the body, so the first step toward remission is detoxification.

Administering drugs in response to a disease condition brought on by toxic accumulations can only add to the problem. Although temporary relief may be obtained, the toxic drug settlement will over the long term, simply increase the toxic burden on the body.

Our programmes are designed to be part of a preventive health care system in which the results of bad habits begin to be reversed. No good results of lasting quality will be had as long as destructive habits are continued. Our programmes are for people who recognize that their health and well-being is less than optimal, and who want and are willing to address this.

We stress the importance of cleanliness as the vehicle by which health is regained and maintained. The degree to which the colon is inhabited by harmful bacteria, parasites and other dangerous organisms varies greatly from person to person. What one person is able to hold in the bowel, without obvious effects, may be hazardous to others.

Poor assimilation leads to nutritional deficiencies
Poor assimilation leads to nutritional deficiencies

In managing the bowel there are ways to get good results, the foremost being a change in diet. Unless you do this, you will remain a regular client of your physician. Symptoms of un-wellness and disease stay with us because we are not dealing with the root of the problem. Every organ in your body works in concert with every other organ. Your body is a community of various organs working for the good of the whole human being.

In discussing diets that are appropriate to different stages and types of un-wellness and disease, we must be sensitive to what these stages represent in terms of digestive ability. For instance you cannot immediately give a big raw salad to someone who has colitis. First we must cleanse and improve bowel tone in preparation for more efficient digestion and absorption.

Completing a professionally supervised Atmanjai Cleanse Program will give you a platform to begin building fuller health and well-being. You must be able to absorb the nutrients required to rebuild your body tissue or the nutrients will simply pass through your body with no residual benefit.
Keep in mind that just as it took time to pollute your body to a point of un-wellness or disease, so to it will take time to reverse the process. Once nutrient absorption ability is increased or restored, it is a case of taking the body step-by-step along a graduated food regime, returning eventually to a normal diet as the bowel becomes able to handle more bulk

We wonder if a toxic body can even absorb the right chemical elements at all. If body tissue is unable to function at the normal metabolic rate, regeneration and rebuilding would take a great deal longer than normal. Can digestion be good in a toxic body? It is impossible to build healthy tissue without effective digestion and assimilation.

Nerve conduction is not as effective as it should be when the metabolic rate is low. It is entirely possible to have good nerve flow and nerve function in the body, but if the body chemistry is not right, improvement through rejuvenation will be limited and incomplete.

A complete tissue detoxification programme requires that all six elimination channels, (lymph, lungs, skin, kidneys, liver & colon), are addressed. Under-active tissue cannot get rid of toxic wastes properly. We place special emphasis on this. When the body is rid of toxins, we often notice a subsequent remission of various degenerative disease stages.

What we do at Atmanjai
Our cleansing programs at Atmanjai
Our cleansing programs at Atmanjai

People on these programmes have expelled grape seeds when they haven’t eaten grapes in 9 months! Where had those seeds been? Popcorn passed from a person who had not eaten popcorn in 3 years. Where had it been? Food items accumulate in the mucous membrane that holds toxic material in various folds in the intestine. While it may be difficult for you to conceive right now that food waste could remain in your body for years, guests on our cleansing programmes find evidence of this regularly.

All Atmanjai staff undertake our programmes as a crucial part of our body maintenance regime, and can attest to the wonderful results we have experienced. For those who suffer chronic ailments such as asthma, arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes, high blood pressure or many other conditions, it is important you know that thousands of people have received significant relief and improvement in symptoms within 10 days of participating in these programmes.

There is a mucous membrane that lines the last 1.8m of the intestinal tract of the large colon, which can become mucus loaded, black and toxic. In our cleansing program you use an intestinal bulk mixed with clay water, taken 5 times a day. In the morning you will take a drink of hot water, apple cider vinegar and honey. Hot water carries food or any material to the colon, while cold water and food stop at the stomach. This is why we do not believe in cold drinks after meals; this stops the digestive processes at the stomach level. We find that hot drinks get to the bowel and start things moving along.

In your cleanse programme it is essential to break down the mucous membrane. So firstly, how did you get this heavy mucous membrane? Generally you were not digesting your foods properly, and most of this heavy mucus has been developed by undigested foods. The causes for poor digestion include the actual foods consumed, poor pancreatic function, and poor liver function. On a daily basis, our programmes include a range of encapsulated organic herbs that will activate and stimulate liver and pancreatic activity.

No solid food will be eaten during most of our cleanse programmes, however you will not be hungry, as the bulking agent, the required herbs, and regular drinks will fill the stomach comfortably. In the Ultra Cleanse there will be more vitamins and minerals to take, one of which is niacin. This pushes blood to all the different organs in the body. Niacin can give you a hot flash and flush; we want the blood to get to the bowel wall at this time. The Ultra Cleanse also includes calcium and magnesium taken twice daily, morning and night. Calcium is a refined lime product with a very high absorption rate which promotes the dissolving of precipitated calcium settled in the joints.

The Atmanjai 'wholistic' Approach
The Atmanjai 'wholistic' Approach

There are many detoxifying agents that can be useful under various circumstances, but in our Center we approach detoxification from a "whole body" perspective. We need to do more than simply take care of the bowel or liver. We must have the right chemical balance for the body. It is not sufficient to use a drug to provide a chemical stimulus to “drive” the body to work right.

Rather, we must repair, rebuild, and regenerate the body as we go along. Proper breathing is important to get oxygen to the organs and tissues of the body. Light exercise is good to increase blood circulation and lymph activity, but too much exercise in a toxin laden body is only stirring up muddy waters.

Lymph drainage is important. Drainage can be increased by the use of protomorphogens or through the use of herbal substances. Stimulating increased lymph drainage however is not sufficient to carry off toxins that may be pouring into the lymphatic system via a stagnant bowel that is holding 5 – 6 meals before elimination takes place, or from a bowel pocket holding a mass of putrid material which is being reabsorbed into the body.

This is why colemas are such an important component of a wholistic cleansing programme. As the body detoxifies, the normal elimination channels, (lymph, lungs, skin, kidneys, liver & colon), cannot process the released toxins and waste swiftly enough, so the colema is utilized to accelerate the removal of this toxic mass.

Our Goal at Atmanjai
Our Goal at Atmanjai

Our goal is to serve people by providing programmes, information, training, and opportunity for you to be relieved of pain, suffering, disease and premature aging.

We strive to learn ways to reinstate the natural gifts of health, vitality and longevity to those who seek them in these times of unprecedented toxic pollution.

We endeavour to employ the most thorough, efficient and natural means available toward the goal of tissue detoxification and cleansing. Therefore, we continue to research and develop as we progress towards this end.

During many years of helping people correct poor health conditions, it has become very obvious that most people are not capable of taking good care of their Self. They are busy, stressed, poorly informed, make poor choices, and are desperately seeking a solution.

There is no reason to have fear about undertaking our programme, because it is safe, gentle and comfortable on the body. There is nothing mysterious about its workings and anyone who can read and follow simple instructions can do this work for themselves.

We are convinced that our Ultra Cleanse Program makes nutrients available faster to the body than any other system we know of, because the bowel is cleaner and the colon muscle tone is stronger.

When the bowel is toxin laden, it becomes lazy, loses it’s ability to function optimally in all capacities and soon loses its muscle tone. It takes an internal manipulation to restore good bowel function once it is lost. The colema treatment does this work because it is an internal massage which develops muscular tone in the bowel.

Compared to other treatments, this ultimate tissue cleansing system is exceptionally cost effective, making it within reach for a great many people.

With this system of tissue cleansing we are going to take the build-up of mucus and catarrh which has become sticky, congested and hardened, and liquefy it so that it will run out of the body. This is the beginning of the programme.

The real work in healing the body will follow later when there is a transformation in tissue integrity resulting in a higher quality body. This process brings on cleansing reactions as your body rids itself of accumulated toxins. In extreme cases it can take up to 6 months of carefully monitored diet and periodic Cleansing Programs to bring on a complete elimination. The result is cleaner, purer tissue that is able to accept and handle the good, vital foods you feed it.

A key to the speedy elimination of toxins is the colema. This is not a colonic – it is much, much more. We call it a colema because it is a combination of colonic and enema.

This programme involves more than just taking care of the bowel. We must prepare the body’s elimination channels for the housecleaning that is on the way. If we build the body up to cause a cleansing to occur, then we must open up the elimination systems to handle this discarded material.

It is common for old toxic substances to flow not only from the bowel, but from all channels; lungs, mouth, nose, ears, skin, kidneys, lymph, vagina; all possible channels must be ready and capable of handling the flood.

One of the usual occurrences for those who have experienced this system is the extreme elimination of faeces. One client explains that she could have a complete bowel movement and then take a colema and have still another bowel movement and, after an hour or so have another complete bowel movement!

Many people think that they are “cleaned out” when they have a bowel movement. Unfortunately most people are as many as 10 meals behind in their eliminations. Their body is holding many meals in the ballooning, pocketed portions of their bowel.

The colema treatment will loosen up this material and make it flow. It will also restore tone and activity to that part of the bowel that is distorted and under-active.

Some clients have been afraid that they are losing part of the bowel because the material coming through is so unbelievable in its shape, colour, consistency and odour. They can’t imagine the heavy mucous lining being so foul, thick and stringy.

This is not desirable to retain in the bowel because it carries the seeds of disease and illness. It is loaded with old drugs, tissue and morbid substances. It is the favoured environment for the disease producing bacillus coli.

As the body processes this junk, we work with it, support it and encourage the process. We work with less food, more broth, more rest. The body responds with revitalization and regeneration in all the tissues of the organism.

This is why we call it a tissue cleansing treatment. It gets after ever tissue in the body, not just the bowel. Eventually, every tissue will be as clean as the bowel. This is due to the fact that every tissue is fed by the blood which is nourished by the bowel. When the bowel is dirty, the blood is dirty and so on to the organs and tissues.

The bowel is like a vacuum cleaner bag. It filters and filters until it is all clogged up and doesn’t do its job any more. In fact, a clogged up bag causes damage to the motor by allowing debris to pass by and into the delicate machinery. It also places a heavy load upon the motor. You wouldn’t run a vacuum cleaner with a full bag, why would you continue to abuse your own body in that manner?

Our programmes can be used by young and old alike, as well as so-called healthy people. Practically any disease, discharging, infection, catarrhal or bowel disturbance and lowered hormone balance due to toxins can benefit from this treatment.


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Wellness Programs at Atmanjai

The minimum program length is 3 Days