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Atmanjai has recently decided to embrace reiki into our programs for 3 main reasons:

  • Reiki is a wonderful form of healing for both therapist and client.- Atmanjai is all about healing.
  • In order to learn Reiki one needs to be toxins free And purify oneself which is what our programs do anyway.
  • Reiki is a fast track for higher consciousness

Which is Atmanjai’s main purpose – to bring about higher consciousness for people.

From our experience people who did the detox programs and also studied reiki had an amazing increase in results both physically, emotionally and dare we say spiritually.

Contact bookings@atmanjai.com to add a Reiki Healing energy course to your wellness program.

The Reiki Healing Energy Course Includes the Following:
2 hours one-on-one receiving reiki
1 hour consultation/guidance with Reiki manual
Reiki manual e-book
1 hour attunement Reiki 1st Degree
1 hour hands on experience with guests
Reiki Healing Certificate
Why Atmanjai?
  1. Personal attention to your individual needs
  2. Professional management who are experienced "fasters"
  3. Stunning location
  4. Broad range of comfortable accommodation
  5. Best available high quality products, supplements and ingredients
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The minimum program length is 3 Days