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Welcome to Atmanjai Detox & Wellness Spa

We know you are going to love being here. Our center is a friendly, relaxing environment, where you will participate in safe, proven, effective programs that help restore you to exceptional levels of health, vitality and happiness.
The Atmanjai team is totally committed to providing you a memorable experience as we walk beside you step by step on your journey to enjoying optimal health and wellbeing.

Let’s be honest, most people already know that in order to wake up each morning feeling clear-headed, energized, and excited to start the day, that there are some basic simple things you need to do for your body;

  • • Less stress
  • • Sleep well
  • • Drink more water
  • • Drink less coffee and alcohol
  • • Eat more fruit and vegetables
  • • Eat less meat, bakery and dairy products
  • • And do some moderate exercise.

Knowing and doing are different

If you are not doing these things, and you can’t seem to get started on better choices - even though you need to and want to. It’s most likely because you have gotten into patterns and habits over the years, and now you operate automatically, doing things that don’t help your body to be the best it can be for you. .

In as little as 5 days, our programs can begin generating a measurable shift in your body.

The Benefits of Detoxification

The most noticeable benefits from detoxification are the physical ones. Toxins store in major organs, fat cells, body tissue and your skeleton.

When you detoxify, the areas which are most affected, tend to receive benefits first, and so clients can typically experience;


• Improved liver function
• Improved digestion
• Improvement in skin tone
• Reduction in skin blemishes
• Reduction in symptoms of eczema
• Reduction in symptoms psoriasis
• Weight loss
• Reduction in water retention
• Lessening of aches and pains
• Increased flexibility
• Fresher breath
• Improved levels of energy
• Better immune system function
• Improved Blood Pressure
• Reduced Body Odour

Atmanjai offers you 3 choices of body cleansing and rejuvenation programs

Energy Reset

This cleanse is similar to what most "fasting" and healing centers will describe as their highest level program

The Energy Reset Cleanse Program

Eat Well

This program is designed for those who want to modify their eating habits, have a mild cleanse, and perhaps prepare themselves for a more intensive cleanse at a future date. It also serves as a gentle beginning for...
The Eat Well Cleanse Program

Ultra Cleanse

The Ultra Cleanse is the most powerful cleansing program available globally that we could vouch for. It consistently delivers phenomenal results, and is credited by past participants with being the foundation of the...
The Ultra Cleanse Program