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* Juice Cleanse & Ultra Cleanse Only

Detox, Yoga, Mind & Meditation, Fitness & Wellness

WHO ARE YOU? - Congratulations, you have arrived at this site because you want to in repair your body from long time mistreatment and lack of attention to a healthy lifestyle. You have come to the right place!

WHO ARE WE? - Atmanjai is a healing and detox center created to enhance your total well-being. We are dedicated make you discover an integrated approach to wellness based on Dr. Bernard Jensen’s proven natural protocols. Our team has proven time and time again how successful our programs are and we have countless testimonials from first time and regular clients. Our guests experience changes in their health and lifestyle and a desire to once again bathe in the feeling of well-being in Body, Mind and Spirit.


Get ready for an overhaul and repair of your natural systems. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t. It is just a matter of modification and resetting your body from unhealthy habits into a sensible and sustainable healthy lifestyle.


“Nature Knows Best”. We rely on natural healing and believe our health is determined by being aligned with nature and the environment.


A vibrant “New You” full of energy and good mood! Our center is set in a friendly and relaxing environment where you will participate in safe, proven, and effective programs that help restore you to exceptional levels of health, vitality and happiness.

The Atmanjai team is totally committed to providing you a memorable, unique experience and we walk beside you step by step during your journey to optimal health and wellbeing.


Detox, cleansing and Fasting programs in Phuket Thailand

Fasting & Detox Programs

Atmanjai offers two general wellness programs of graduated intensity. In addition, there are Pre and Post Cleanse Programs to transition you in and out of your cleanse...


Fitness & Yoga

Yoga, pilates and meditation Holidays and retreats in Phuket Thailand

Fitness & Yoga Programs

Fitness and Yoga retreats are setting worldwide popularity records by rewarding participants with tremendous physical, spiritual and emotional benefits...


360º Virtual Tour
360º Virtual Tour

The Atmanjai Wellness Spa is a tropical wellness resort with a unique location, right on the beach, in the quiet southern part of Phuket Island. A location with a quiet and refreshing breeze, away from the hustle and bustle, with good proximity to major tourist attractions.

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