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The Minimum Program Length is 3 Days
"The non-scary way, to health, wellness and a relaxed holiday!"

Fitness and Yoga retreats around the globe have gained enormous popularity, by rewarding participants with tremendous physical, spiritual and mental benefits. Keeping in harmony with this global awareness and demand, Atmanjai Wellness Center proudly presents “The Fitness & Yoga Holiday Program” - a health-building and rejuvenating holiday program that combines fitness training, yoga sessions and healthy eating habits, in a beautiful and relaxed location on the beach. With a promise of good health, a completely relaxed body & mind, along with a spectacular beachfront location, what more could you ask for, right?!

However, maybe past experience, has had you feeling a little bit intimidated to go to your local fitness class? You know, the ones with the deafeningly loud night-club music and some beefed-up personal trainer shouting at you like a drill sergeant at boot camp with the motto “Go Hard or Go Home!” painted nice and big on the wall behind him. You are right about being a bit sceptical since it seems to be the tactic most fitness centres employ nowadays, but that motto, however, has led more people into injury than into good health.

On the other hand, our philosophy at Atmanjai when it comes to Health & Fitness is quite different from beast mode strategy, that other fitness centres prefer to apply. Rather than pushing our clients to complete exhaustion, we want them to gain energy from our Fitness Program. When you join Atmanjai, we want you to feel excited and vitalised, not to go home more tired and fatigued than you were when you arrived.

To make it more clear, If you can relate to any of the following...

Then you can stop worrying and "Rebuild and Reconnect" with the Atmanjai Fitness & Yoga Holiday!

Our Fitness & Yoga Holiday Program is designed for people who, although they are going on a holiday to relax, unwind and destress, still are conscious about maintaining good health. So if you are one of those health-conscious people who want to include daily fitness training, healthy diet and some rejuvenating yoga, apart from excursions to some cool places around the island, then you are in safe hands at Atmanjai! Sounds good? There’s more...

The Atmanjai fitness and yoga holiday program has been specially tailored for, people who are new to fitness training, people who are coming back after a long absence from training or people recovering from an injury. Our group yoga sessions, which is also part of the program, use a combination of strong, as well as gentle exercises which helps you focus on conscious breathing and improves mental awareness. Such conscious body and mind exercises help to regulate the pace of your breathing, relaxes your body, and enhances mobility & coordination, leading to a much clearer mind. However, although the fitness classes are geared for beginners, it is equally useful for more experienced people as well!

The Fitness and Yoga Holiday Program that ensures a healthy body, mind & spirit, even when you're on a break!

Good eating habits, good digestion and good movement abilities lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. The lifestyle that is common nowadays has people more sedentary than ever before. And although the human body is built and made to move, the lifestyle in our century pushes us not to - It takes a good kick start to get most people moving! Good movement ability is considered one of the anti-ageing secrets that every doctor or specialist, around the world will confirm. The more we move, the younger our body stays, and the less we move, the stiffer and older we begin to feel. That is why having the right balance of fitness, yoga and movement is very crucial.

Body fat is a result of bad eating habits, improper digestion and lack of proper movements, which is why, the combination of proper digestion, via our detox programs, and the proper movement training from the Fitness and Yoga holiday program will give you the ultimate healthy body where fat loss occurs automatically. So if you've been on the sidelines for a while, due to sickness, injury or plain laziness then entering into one of our wellness programs followed by a week of the Fitness & Yoga holiday programs will give your life a full makeover, and put you right back on the fitness track!


  • Weight loss
  • More strength and muscle tone in your body
  • Flexibility
  • Increased mobility
  • Improved mindfulness
  • Improved consciousness
  • Creation of healthy habits
  • Relieving stress
  • Healing injuries
  • Enriches your inner life

What your day will look like

Fitness and Yoga Daily Schedule
The Fitness & Yoga Program Includes the Following:
Morning Yoga & Aqua Fit Class
Daily Fitness class
Daily Afternoon Yoga
Daily Massage
Daily Herbal Steam Bath
Daily Ice Bath
Magnesium Bath
Inversion Table
Meditation/Breathing Class
Raw Food Recipe Sharing
Wellness Related Lecture
Daily Apple Cider Vinegar Tea
Daily Wheatgrass/Flaxseed Water shot
Unlimited Drinking Water
Unlimited Herbal Tea
Daily meals
Daily Juice
Daily Fresh Coconut
Program Explaination
Kit Bag
Handbook & Schedule
Atmanjai Cap
Exit Interview
Why Atmanjai?
  1. Personal attention to your individual needs
  2. Professional management who are experienced "fasters"
  3. Stunning location
  4. Broad range of comfortable accommodation
  5. Best available high quality products, supplements and ingredients
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The minimum program length is 3 Days