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The minimum program length is 3 Days

This program is designed for those who want to modify their eating habits, have a mild cleanse, and perhaps prepare for a more intensive cleanse at a future date. It also serves as a gentle beginning for those with chronic degenerative conditions to commence a path of recovery to vitality and good health.

If you are new to fasting and cleansing, it can all seem a bit overwhelming, and you can even question the logic of not eating. That’s one of the reasons we introduced the Eat Well cleanse – for people who want to experience the benefits of supervised cleansing, without missing out on meals. This is the only choice for people who want to detoxify their body and still eat. It is a gentle cleansing program that allows the body to detoxify without the side effects of a more intensive program. It is especially suited to people who are here for a short period of time and want to enjoy their break in a healthy setting away from the usual stress of everyday life. It is perfect for first time detoxers who want to learn about health and make better food choices.

Returning clients who have already completed full fasting Detox programs with us and are seeking to get ‘back on track’ often find the Eat Well Program a perfect solution.

What to expect on the first day of your program

Like all programs, on the first day you will have an Orientation of the property, complete all necessary registration formalities, and have an Initial Program Assessment.

On this first day you can join us for yoga at 7:00am, or sleep later and meet us at 9:00am. You will be served simple, healthy meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner, with nutritious and delicious smoothies mid morning and mid afternoon.
A massage and a Thai herbal steam will be scheduled to support you in relaxing after your journey.

The Eat Well program includes:

Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Every morning you will be served soft tropical fruit, easy on the stomach and rich with powerful digestive enzymes.

Your lunch and dinner are chosen from a menu of popular and appetising soups, salads and raw vegetarian cuisine. All meals are prepared in our resort kitchen with fresh, organic ingredients and lashings of loving care and attention. You will wonder how anything that tastes this good can be good for you!

Daily Smoothies
Daily Smoothies

Select for our list of delicious and nutritious smoothies, blended with coconut water, tropical fruits and superfoods. Guaranteed to boost your system and energise your body.


YES! Every single day you will receive your choice of Thai, Oil or Reflexology massage to eliminate tension, relax tissue and increase your flexibility.


We practice in a rooftop sala with glorious views of the bay. The class is adjusted to meet the needs of clients, and will be suitable for those who have never experienced yoga right through to those with a regular practice. Yoga develops strength, tone, posture, improves weak backs, breathing and calms busy minds.

Thai Herbal Steam
Thai Herbal Steam

Daily use of this facility supports accelerated release of toxins transdermally, and is a useful tonic for those with various breathing disorders.

Cleansing Herbs
Cleansing Herbs

Our proprietary cleansing herbal formula is prepared from organic and wild-crafted plants by Dr. Karl Jacobs. You will be taking 2 blends regularly throughout the day. Each dose is three (3) capsules.

Blend #1 Herbal Nutrients; designed to ensure that your body is receiving all the core nutritional requirements to support your detoxification process.

Blend #2 Bowel Balancer; gently stimulates and activates the small and large intestines. This ensures that toxins released from storage in the lymph, fat and tissue are swiftly eliminated from your body.

Cleansing Shakes
Cleansing Shakes

Taken throughout the day, our shakes are a unique blend of;

Psyllium is a bulk-forming gentle laxative, often used to treat constipation. It is very useful in cleansing programs as it absorbs liquid in the intestines, swells, and forms a bulky stool, which is easy to pass. It serves as a gentle pusher and scrubber, moving toxins out of your colon.

Bentonite Clay has strong internal cleansing properties and is frequently used to address symptoms of constipation, like bloating and gas. Some reports have cited it as relieving symptoms of more serious conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Bentonite Clay can;

  • Remove toxic metals and chemicals following radiation treatments
  • Promote healthy bacteria balance in the digestive system
  • Support liver detoxification
  • Help colon cleansing
  • Boost immune system function

Why is Bentonite Clay Effective?
Bentonite clay has negatively charged molecules, which give it adsorptive properties. It’s able to pass through the intestinal tract and attract the toxins which are positively charged. When they are in contact with each other, they swap ions and are bound together and the toxic molecule is absorbed by the clay molecule.

Its absorptive abilities come from the low number of minerals that comprise it- only 17 minerals. This low number indicates a higher potential to absorb other molecules. The toxin molecules that bonded with the clay molecules are internalized in the clay molecule. In this state, your body can expel the toxin-filled clay in normal bowel movements.

Magnesium Oxide

Magnesium Oxide
In medicine, magnesium oxide is used for relief of heartburn and sore stomach, as an antacid, magnesium supplement, and as a short-term laxative. It is also used to improve symptoms of indigestion. Magnesium oxide is a highly effective substance. When mixed with water and consumed, its unique properties allows it to liberate large amounts of water in the gastrointestinal tract.The main cleansing benefits for Magnesium oxide are derived from this ability to promote hydration. This hydration process helps soften and liquefy impacted and hardened faecal matter. The undigested and putrefying rubbish that has stuck to the bowel wall blocking the absorption of nutrients and creating a source of toxicity is safely and gently eliminated.

Private Colema Rooms
Private Colema Rooms

Exclusive to you, for the duration of your stay. Unique in Phuket.

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