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The minimum program length is 3 Days

Juice Cleanse is a detoxification program helping your body rid itself of accumulated waste as well as be nourished with fresh fruit and veggie juices. Green juices in particular are well-known for their toxin-purging effects and when drank a few times daily become a sort of magical cleanse potion for the body. You will bring hydration to the cells together with the essential enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and gut-friendly bacteria.

The powerful combination of our colon management therapies and juice fasting may be the best way to fortify your body and strength.

The Juice Cleanse Program Includes the Following:
Daily Psyllium/Bentonite Shake
Daily Apple Cider Vinegar Tea
Daily Alfalfa shot
Daily Wheatgrass/Flaxseed shot
Daily Cleansing Herbs
Daily Vitamin/Mineral Supplements
Daily Probiotic Supplement
Probitotics course after Program
Unlimited Drinking Water
Unlimited Herbal Tea
Daily Fresh Coconut
Daily Juices
Daily Blood Pressure Reading
Daily Colema (2)
Daily Massage
Daily Herbal Steam Bath
Daily Ice Bath
Magnesium Bath
Ultrazonic Zapper
Ion Cleanse (5+days)
Infrared Sauna/Ozone Infusion (5+ days)
Meditation & Breathing Class
Morning Yoga & Aqua Fit Class
Raw Food Recipe Sharing
Wellness Related Lecture
Foot Reflexology 30 mins (5+day)
Chi Ne Tsang 30 mins (5+days)
Unlock Your Destiny 30 mins ( 7+days)
Iridology (10+ days)
Colema Tip & Lubricant
Loofa Scrubbing
Program Explaination
Kit Bag
Detox Handbook & Schedule
Personal Review
Program Assessment & Exit Interview
Why Atmanjai?
  1. Personal attention to your individual needs
  2. Professional management who are experienced "fasters"
  3. Stunning location
  4. Broad range of comfortable accommodation
  5. Best available high quality products, supplements and ingredients
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The minimum program length is 3 Days