Frequently asked questions about Atmanjai

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions, if you can't find the answer your looking for, simply complete the contact form at the bottom of the page or if you prefer, contact us here:
How do i check prices and book with

STEP 1: CHOOSE YOUR DATES - Enter your preferred travel dates and number of adults into one of the "Reservations" search boxes on the site.

STEP 2: CHOOSE YOUR PROGRAM - Select the program which you would like to book, from the list of available programs.

STEP 3: CHOOSE YOUR ACCOMMODATION - Choose a room from the list of available accommodation at either Friendship Beach Resort or Serenity Resort & Residences.

STEP 4: COMPLETE YOUR BOOKING - Enter your personal details and credit card to secure your booking.

STEP 5: YOU'RE BOOKED! - Check your inbox for booking confirmation.

Alternatively, contact our team here

Why isn't Accommodation included in the Program price?

As part of Triple C Hotels & Resorts, we can offer a range of accommodation at our resorts and want people to be able to choose accommodation that suits them.

Why haven't I heard about cleansing before, and why is it so popular now?

For a period of time people put their faith in the medical profession to such a degree that they stopped questioning what was best for themselves. Now people have ready access to information through the internet, and in many cases are better informed about their conditions than their GP. As more people undertake cleanses and experience the benefits of our programmes, they share this information with friends and family. When people return home looking and feeling so much better, others want to know how they did it.

Why can't I do this at home, why do I need to pay you to do this?

You can do a gentle cleanse at home and we encourage you to do so regularly as a part of your body maintenance routine. The programme you will undertake at Atmanjai is more comprehensive than what you could do at home without the equipment and facilities we have available for you. Most people prefer to undertake at least their first programme under professional care and supervision. Others find that participating in a group environment is more supportive than attempting to complete a programme at home with all the usual temptations and distractions. Once you have experienced a program with us you will better understand and be better resourced to undertake a home cleanse.

Why would I choose Atmanjai to do my programme?

We have the most experienced and supportive team in Thailand, and are the only center providing these services in Phuket with a beachfront location. We have the best staff / client ratio of any center in Thailand. We are the only center in the world which provides an individual private Colema treatment room for every single client. Of course Phuket is an attraction in itself, renowned globally for its magnificent beaches, 5 star golf courses, spectacular diving and other attractions. Phuket also offers world class dental and medical services at a fraction of the cost in the rest of the world, enabling you to address overdue treatments conveniently and cost-effectively.

What are the main differences between Atmanjai and other "Healing Centers"?

Unlike other centers we accept only 18 clients at any time on our program. This allows us to offer the highest levels of education, training and support during your cleanse. No other center anywhere in the world offers a program as comprehensive as our "Ultra Cleanse Program", and we are not aware of any program that can generate the results that are possible through this cleanse. Many centers will offer additional therapies, treatments and gimmicks that are simply not necessary.

We offer an Insulin Free Program for Type 2 diabetics that has a 100% success rate in supporting clients to live vibrant happy lives without the need for insulin.

Can you help me with Drug & Alcohol Dependency?

Yes. The best way we can help you is by recommending you participate in a 12 step program, or contact our colleagues at THE CABIN an excellent rehabilitation facility located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. They have an excellent facility and superb track record.

What does Atmanjai mean?

It is a combination of Thai and Sanskrit words that can mean either “Loving Spirit” or “Victorious Soul”. For us, it is a daily reminder of how we want to conduct ourselves and our business of caring for people. It is also reflective of our belief in the mind-body-spirit continuum.

Does that mean Atmanjai is run under religious principles?

No, we operate holistically, without allegiance to or judgment of any faith or religion. Having said that, we do believe that there is some great wisdom in the teachings of most faiths and we respect those.

How do I get off this fast?

First, let it be known that none of our programmes are true fasts. A fast means complete abstinence from nutrients. These are cleansing programmes and you will be given full instruction on safe, correct transition to regular eating while you are here. Essentially you reintroduce firstly with soft fruits like peaches, soft apricots, papaya, etc. Full details are included in your Cleansing Handbook which will be issued to you on the first day of your programme.

I’d like to do some activities and tours while on this programme, is that OK?

The more rest you give your body the better.
Take a short walk, visit the beach.
After your colemas you should lay down for at least half an hour. Do not plan a vigorous schedule. Rest is most important.

How long should I be on your programme?

It all depends on how healthy or unhealthy you are, and the desired outcomes you have. We recommend a minimum 3 days of cleansing, but the length of time is determined on an individual case-by-case basis. Please feel welcome to write us with details of what you wish to achieve and we will make recommendations to you.

A friend told me she felt weak after the colema. Is that normal?

Colemas are a cleansing treatment, and your body is working to remove toxins. That’s why she would have felt weak and that’s why it is important to rest for half an hour after your colema.

Someone told me they are doing a different colema. Should I do that too?

For different conditions we will recommend different colemas from time to time. As examples; vinegar and water colemas can help rid the bowel of acid and germ life, garlic oil can help eliminate pinworms, buttermilk can help remove extreme intestinal gas, clay water can be very soothing, aloe-vera gel and water can be a healer for inflamed tissue of the colon.

Does the bowel become better using colemas?

The intestine and bowel are best cared for through colemas and eventually they become stronger. The tone built up will be transferred to the whole bowel. The most difficult to care for is the ascending colon. As you develop better bowel tone, better bowel movements are attained and there is less toxic material to deal with, so the tissue becomes better.

What other supplements should be taken on your programmes?

The supplements provided during our programmes are primarily for their individual and collective cleansing properties. After the programme it is important to take a course of probiotics to have good natural bowel movements. We provide all clients with these before they leave.

Why are we drinking the honey/vinegar mixture?

It helps to do some of the work that hydrochloric acid does in the stomach in digesting proteins. It stirs up the acid/alkaline balance in the body to throw off more acids through the urine.

Should I continue with the vinegar and honey when I return home?

If you continue taking psyllium and the vinegar and honey drink twice a day, morning and night after completing the programme, you will further maximize the cleansing benefits. You can continue in this manner for several months.

I’ve noticed on the programme that my heart seems to be pounding, could it be overworking?

It could be that your body is working hard detoxifying and you should rest as much as possible. The pounding could also be caused by gas pressure.

Will taking too much calcium cause muscle cramps?

It can. Follow the instructions, and if taking calcium supplements after the programme, know that calcium can be controlled by good stomach digestion. Iodine controls calcium. Greens, tops of vegetables also control calcium. To be effective, calcium must be taken with magnesium to be properly assimilated.

I’m worried about my weight on your programme?

The weight you lose will be weight you need to lose. You will keep hydrated, and you will receive excellent nutrition via supplementation.

The weight you will lose is primarily from compacted waste in your colon. Some people will gain weight as a result of our programmes. When their body is cleansed the organs can begin metabolizing food correctly, thereby providing them better nutrition.

What can I do to make my body absorb proteins better?

Emotional strain breaks down this ability more than anything. Relax and renew. Then you need to get sodium back into the stomach wall to help digest protein. One of the easiest methods is to not eat starches and proteins in the same meal.

What is a Bali Style Bathroom?

Simply – this is a partially open bathroom. It has high walls and a partial roof to ensure your privacy, and there is a lockable door between your bedroom and bathroom for your personal security. It’s a wonderful feeling to shower with the sense of being outdoors but with the comfort of knowing your privacy is assured.