Krix Luther - Atmanjai Personal Trainer
Krix Luther - Atmanjai Fitness Trainer

Krix Luther has been a Phuket Personal Trainer for over 11 years and has been teaching the fitness classes at Atmanjai for nearly 3 years. Krix teaches TRX, CrossFit, Functional Movements & Corrective Exercises. He used to be a professional Muay Thai Fighter in Phuket but has since retired and moved his passion for a extreme sports over to Free Diving.

Krix is also known for founding one of Thailands biggest Beach Clean Up organisations, Clean The Beach Boot Camp. Each week he gives a free workout on the beach (Beach Boot Camp) and all the volunteers after the workout will help him clean the beach of any trash. He has been doing this since 2013 and his initiative has spread across Thailand and into other countries. Atmanjai is a regular sponsor of the CBBC.

For more information on Krix, you can visit his website: and check out his Fitness Blog

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