Sam Plietgen

Sam Plietgen

“Who am I?” is a question almost all of us of contemplate at some point in our lives. This question has followed me throughout my life as I began exploring my mind, consciousness and the mysteries of existence from a young age. From growing up amongst Tibetan monks in the Himalayas, to working alongside Taoist priests and Buddhist monks in Taiwan and Hong Kong, I learned to use tools and techniques to connect with who I really am. However, it was later in life, when I discovered the ancient wisdom of Shamanism, that things really began to take on a deeper meaning. One of the aspects of Shamanism that resonated so intently with me was the use of sound, having spent most of my working life as a professional musician, audio engineer and post production sound designer. This naturally led to the study of sound healing modalities, and brought me back full circle to my teenage years and the sacred sounds of India and the Himalayas. When used with intent and focus, the two polar forces of silence and sound have incredible healing potential, both separately and combined.

I am trained in core shamanic healing techniques, sound healing, neuro-energetic kinesiology, Usui Reiki and mindfulness meditation. I utilise a combination of these skills and techniques when working with clients for a unique and personalised experience. My greatest joy from my work comes in seeing people reclaim their power and awaken to self-awareness.

Soul Retrieval

“I haven’t been the same since my accident”, “There are parts of my life I simply can’t remember”, “I feel a numbness towards life”. Feelings like these are prevalent in today’s urban societies. This is what Shamans call soul loss, and it is considered to be one of the main causes of spiritual illness. Modern psychology uses the term “dissociation”.

Portions of our souls escape the control of the conscious mind in order to spare us from unbearable pain in extremely traumatic situations as a means of protection, and over time we begin experiencing weakness, fear, depression, anxiety and a sense of hopelessness. Soul retrieval means finding the lost fragments of yourself and restoring them in order to return you to your innate wholeness. This can result in the return of joy, authenticity, self-love, creativity, courage and a sense of direction and meaning.

Power Animal Retrieval

From a shamanic perspective, another one of the main causes of dis-ease in modern life is the loss of personal power. We unknowingly give away much of our power to our leaders, our clients, our spouses, our employer, even to random strangers. Power can also be taken from us. As a result, our boundaries begin to dissolve and we lose our way.

As children many of us instinctively knew we had helping spirits or “special friends”. As adults, the many close calls we have in life show us clearly that we are not alone. “Something told me not to take the train that day. I would have been in that accident if I hadn’t listened.” “I felt strongly that I shouldn’t invest in the stock market. A week later it crashed.”

A shamanic power animal retrieval serves to restore lost personal power and introduces us to some of these helping spirits, who, in order to make it easier for us to accept them, generally prefer to appear to us in animal form. Nurturing and honouring these relationships allow the spirits to offer us power, protection and support. This in turn allows us to learn to create strong personal boundaries and trust our inner voice as we make our way through this life.

Extraction Healing

Another cause of spiritual illness is the existence of inappropriate or negative energies, such as curses or psychic attacks, that have taken up residence in the body via conscious or unconscious thought projections. They can also come from self-created thought forms, such as a chronic negative self-image that becomes toxic over many years, and can have a devastating effect on the spiritual body. Often the manifest as inflammatory illnesses. The shaman’s role in this case is to remove and safely neutralise these energies, ensuring that they cannot return.

One or a combination of the above practices will be used in a session according to the needs of the client.

Resonance and Entrainment Therapy

“Everything in life is vibration” - Albert Einstein

We are more affected by the sounds around us than we know. The phenomena of entrainment (forced synchronisation) and forced resonance ensure that we lose our natural state of harmony and begin to vibrate in sympathy with the numerous unpleasant sounds that surround us on a daily basis, especially in crowded urban settings. Over time our immune systems weaken allowing dis-ease to set in, and stress begins to take its toll on our emotional, energetic and physical health. Through the use of tools such as Himalayan and Japanese singing bowls, meridian tuning forks, drums, rattles and vocal toning these negative effects can be reversed, restoring the vibrational integrity of the body, mind and spirit, and leaving us with a profound sense of wellbeing.

Tuvan Drum Healing

The origin of the word rhythm is Greek, and means “to flow”

To the shaman, the drum is many things. A rhythm instrument, a device with which to communicate with spirits, a healing tool, a spirit catcher, a purifying device, a divination tool and a journeying vehicle. Tuvan drum healing is an ancient method of using the drum to facilitate healing by altering the vibrational state of the client with the guidance of the shaman’s helping spirits. The chosen drum patterns offer the body a supportive resonance to which the body can then attune, allowing the body’s innate healing processes to begin. When administered correctly and with the right intent and focus, specific therapeutic rhythms can accelerate physical healing, influence and correct internal rhythmic patterns, facilitate the release of blocked emotional trauma, enhance our sense of empowerment and awaken our creative expression.

One or a combination of the above practices will be used in a session according to the needs of the client.


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