Atmanjai Testimonials

Here you can read just some of the testimonials from our happy customers. You can also view our guest video testimonial archive to see what others had to say about our detox and wellbeing programs:

Damian Mchugh, UK - Atmanjai Testimonial

"99kg - 82kg ... 7 More to go! Thanks Atmanjai for a great kick start!" - Damian Mchugh, London, United Kingdom

G&R, Bahrain - Atmanjai Testimonial

"we got back home on 22nd April 2017 after 16 days in Thailand. {Phuket & Bangkok} and are back to the day to day responsibilities of Office and Home.

Our stay at Atmanjai is really worth a mention. It was an eye opener to our lifestyles which we so ardently followed for years believing we were controlling our health to the best of our knowledge.

The period of 12 days we spent at Atmanjai was as so meticulously designed Wellness Program that took us deeper into our misconception of leading a healthy life, awakening us to the scientific way of leading a disciplined healthy life, eating a healthy regime directing us to be less stressful life bringing about a balance between body and mind.

Team of Consultants and Staff of Atmanjai Wellness Centre made us feel at home and encouraged us to pursue our goal “The Healthy way of Living “for the rest of our lives. Atmanjai Wellness Centre is filled with positive energy which enhances the approach of all participants in the program leading to possess a Disease free body.

Health is Wealth was the mantra we all grew up listening to since childhood. However the real meaning of this was understood after being involved at Atmanjai. We realized that have actually abused the wonderful gift of nature for years.

We are glad that we have taken one step forward in the right direction of leading a disciplined and healthy life style and will pursue it unconditionally. Since we reached home on22nd April we are still on the same diet and Juices as we had at Atmanjai and feel so much better, craving for food & Coffee has vanished.

My husband visited his Doctor yesterday for his regular check up and was surprised to note after his blood test that his sugar levels have reduced by 43% and weight by 7 kgs and his BP is normal. Doctor was very pleased with  results and progress of health and commented that for the first time in years I can see a glow on your face and drastic improvement in your health. Further he stated that if he continues the same way he will withdraw all medicines in the next 4 to 6 months. It appears that my husband  is determined to achieve this.

Both of us thank each of one of you at Atmanjai and will keep you posted on a monthly basis on our improvement"

Tsufit Grant, ISRAEL - Artist/Actress

"I discovered Atmanjai 3 years ago, and have since returned 3 times for the opportunity to restart my life. At this place, meant to get rid of toxins of the body, it is so simple to clean out toxins of the mind and all other noises and poisons which overwhelm us in our daily lives."

"When talking about Detox, people are afraid. They are afraid of fasting, of changing their habits, of stepping out of their comfort zone and experiencing discomfort. But at Atmanjai you discover the opposite. It is so simple to enter this life-altering process supported by wonderful, courteous, encouraging professionals and extraordinary therapists."

"This turns the process into a tremendous experience, inviting you to come back again and again and again."

Christabelle, UK - Atmanjai Testimonial

"Preparing to head home from what has been one of the most amazing choices I have ever made, I have met people from every walk of life from all over the world, I couldn't be more grateful right now, I am happy, focused, healthy and hoping a better person, travelling alone has been life changing and exciting, I would highly recommend it. Thank you to all the wonderful people at Atmanjai for making my time on the yoga course so fantastic, spiritual and challenging. Thank you to the incredible people who I have conversed with and learnt so much from. I am a better listener I hope because of this trip and can't wait to continue this feeling of true happiness... Thailand it has been a pleasure - I am grateful xxxx” Christabelle, UK

Alexandra - Atmanjai Testimonial

"Detox day 6 feeling fabulous! For anyone who doesn't believe in cleansing your internal organs, from experience I can now say I have never felt more mental clarity in all my life! This isn't a quick fix, this is the beginning of a new relationship with food and truly understanding how to fuel my body with what it deserves. We can buy an expensive car and make sure we religiously take it for a full body service every year. We buy a nice watch and we also make sure to get it serviced at least every 3 years. So why do we not think that our body, our gift for a lifetime, does not deserve at least an equal amount of respect? Think that organic is expensive? Have you heard the price of cancer lately? We can buy a new car or a new watch, but not one of us can buy a new body! Make yours last for the lifetime you and your body deserve! It's your home for this life, treat it wisely and it will reward you in ways you never knew possible!” Alexandra

Avram Grant, Israel. Football Manager. Atmanjai Testimonial

“Atmanjai Wellness Spa definitively offers the best, most professional and comprehensive cleansing and detox programs that I have experienced. The attention to details and care is exemplary and the entire program set in a beautiful location by the ocean.” - Former Chelsea, Portsmouth and West Ham Football Club Manager

Rory Byrne - Atmanjai Testimonial

"My Formula 1 career is all about being the best and producing winning results. As an Atmanjai client I can vouch that they are top-notch and deliver excellent results." Rory Byrne - 7 Time F1 Constructor World Champion, Ferrari Technical Consultant

Jo, England – Atmanjai Testimonial

"In 11 days my skin is radiant, I dropped several dress sizes and that stubborn cellulite on the back of my thighs has vanished!!! I even lost the odd wrinkle or two! Forget L’Oreal – go see Michael – Mr Detox."

Sam, Phuket Atmanjai Testimonial

"My 3rd time for Detox with Michael, as always very caring and great service."

Paul, USA Atmanjai Testimonial

"You will be amazed when you see how many and how much toxin is eliminated from your body."

CheVawn Hartung, South Africa Atmanjai Testimonial

"I feel better than I have in years. I’ve stopped taking medication for rheumatoid arthritis and feel no pain at all! Thank you so much."

Adam, England Atmanjai Testimonial

"Visited my dermatologist yesterday, she was amazed at the change in my psoriasis and complimented me on undergoing the Cleanse Program. She said she wished all her patients would undergo the same sort of thing then she would not have to hand out prescriptions."

Lisa, Singapore Atmanjai Testimonial

"I am feeling so cleansed and refreshed, such a wonderful way to start the year. I hope to return soon for a “maintenance program”. Thanks once again and thanks to all your staff."

Willy Frame Retired, Phuket Atmanjai Testimonial

"Atmanjai Testimonial: Lost a little over 9kg, I stopped taking tablets for diabetes and I halved my blood pressure medication. I suffered psoriasis for many years – now I can hardly see any psoriasis at all"