Why Choose Atmanjai?

Detox, cleansing and Fasting programs in Phuket Thailand

1. Personal attention to your individual needs

2. Professional management who are experienced "fasters"

3. Stunning Beachfront location

4. Broad range of comfortable accommodation

5. Best available high quality products, supplements and ingredients

Right on the water facing idyllic Chalong Bay on stunning Phuket Island – the holiday capital of Asia. This island offers everything from backpacker hostels to uber-luxurious resorts, elephant trekking to sophisticated nightlife, eco-tours to jet-skiing and much, much more, all wrapped up in a tropical environment with the warmth and charm that makes Thai hospitality famous worldwide.

It would be easy to just use our fabulous location as a reason to attract clients, but we are committed to delivering the absolute best detox and tissue cleansing programs possible. We offer 3 different programs all of which have an optional module for fresh raw juices to be added, and the possibility to tailor an individual package for your specific needs. We use local herbs as well as importing FDA approved vitamins, mineral supplements, cold-pressed oils and other natural body-cleansing agents to ensure the best possible detox experience for you.

Your comfort is assured in our wide range of accommodation from simple garden rooms to beautiful beachfront apartments. Every room has air-conditioning, TV / DVD / Cable TV and a wonderful Bali-style bathroom with H + C water.

We greet you at the airport and transport you in one of our brand new air-conditioned vehicles. And we keep looking after you all the time until we take you back to the airport.

Our loving and friendly Thai staff are led by a western management team of experienced professionals. We take our knowledge of fasting, detoxification and tissue cleansing, ally that to high levels of personal care and attention to work closely with each client in what is a personal and sometimes emotional process. Numbers of clients are limited so that you are assured of the highest possible levels of care and attention. Choose wisely – Now more than ever you cannot afford to be unwell or under-performing.

It is vital for you to commit to being in the best state of health you can be – Atmanjai provides healthful solutions whatever your condition.

We are located on the beach front in Phuket, are experts in our field and if your still not convinced, why not check out our testimonials and video testimonials
Atmanjai Wellness Spa Phuket - TripAdvisor Excellence Awards
Atmanjai Wellness Spa Phuket - TripAdvisor Excellence Awards

Wellness Programs at Atmanjai

The minimum program length is 3 Days