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How To Make the Most Out of Your Detox

How To Make the Most Out of Your Detox - Atmanjai

Whether you’re on the Eat Well or the Ultra Cleanse programme, coming to Atmanjai will gear you up with everything you need for your detox. From a sunrise to sunset timetable scheduled for you, and meals or supplements made and waiting for you, you really don’t have to think! We make it that easy, so that you can relax and reap all the detoxing benefits. However there are always little things we can do to go above and beyond, to really get the most from our detox!

  1. What is your detoxing goal?

Setting an intention before you even embark on your detoxing journey will really help you to clarify what it is you really want to get out of your detox. Do you want to improve your digestion? Increase your energy? Clear your skin? Or just feel reinvigorated again? Whatever it is, setting that intention will allow you to stay focused and on track, even when there are times where you might be craving certain food or not feeling your best.

  1. Detox the digital too.

Detoxing doesn’t only just apply to our physical bodies. Having a digital detox, away from our phones, computers and iPads can have a huge positive impact. We live in a time where digital communication is it its peak, which makes it very difficult for us to ever fully switch off. Having some time away from these devices will create more space and give us more time to focus on the here and now. To really get in tune with our bodies, our thoughts, and not just what is presented to us on a screen.

  1. Got your detoxing buddy?

Doing a detox with a friend, family member or spouse can really enhance our detox journey. Having that special someone with you throughout the process allows you to connect on a deeper level and can really strengthen relationships. Your detoxing buddy is also there to hold you accountable, to encourage you and motivate you to see it through until the end.

  1. Get pampering!

During our detoxes, we offer daily massages for all of our guests. Massages are an amazing way to increase blood flow, loosen tight muscles and to help with lymphatic draining. As human beings, we rarely take enough time to focus on ourselves and do things that will nourish our bodies. Whether you’re looking after kids, or rushing around in your demanding job, it’s always important to take that ‘me’ time to reconnect with your body. After all, if you don’t look after yourself, how can you give enough of yourself to others?

These are just a few tips and tricks we’ve learnt from our guests that really help to enhance your detox here at Atmanjai!

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